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Session Tributes and Wishlist

The subject of 'tribute' is something I must clarify. I DO NOT accept financial payment for / in exchange of services.


A submissive knows his place. Understands he is an inferior lowly slave who is and will never be good enough for his Mistress. To show gratitude for Mistress allowing him in Her presence, the submissive offers tribute. It is a gift showing gratefulness to Her, for building Her life in a such a way that She is able to manifest a safe space where fantasy becomes reality.


As a way to show your gratitude for sessions, I require the following tributes. Etiquette requires tributes be presented in an envelope at the start of a session.

Tribute Incall
Tribute Outcall
call me to discuss about it
call me to discuss about it
The deposit must be paid in order to secure the session.

Included in price is a deposit of £60 for the first hour paid via bank transfer, and £50 for every additional hour for incalls, and 50% of the final price for outcalls. Deposit is non refundable, except in the case that I need to cancel our booking, unless my cancellation is due to harassment or inappropriate behaviour from you. 


Please use provided bank details

Deposits for Incall Sessions via Bank Transfer.

Incall & Outcall Session Deposit


Bank Account

Name: M Evelyn

Account number: 63150926

Sorte code: 08-92-50

Reference: payment


Your bank will say something like "details do not match" but if you just click through the warnings it should still work. If asked for account type, it is a business account.


50% Deposit can be transferred if you need to change the date or time of your booking so long as it is with 48 hours notice. If I receive your cancellation before the 7 days, I will refund your deposit in full. Please note refunds will take up to 3 working days to reach your account. 


I am happy to answer brief questions before session are booked, which can be sent via text at +44 7840 985856 or

Wrapped Gift
Express your appreciation by presenting Mistress with items from Her carefully curated wish list.

As a Lady, I must confess that I have a fondness for presents. After all, who doesn't? However, I want to emphasize that gifts are never expected. That's what makes them truly special and meaningful! They serve as a lovely gesture to showcase your genuine devotion and adoration towards me, your Mistress.


Whether you choose to bring a gift to our session or surprise me at any other time, you have the option to select something from My Amazon Wishlist.

I want to reassure you that the size, cost, or extravagance of a gift is not important to me. What truly matters is the thought and intention behind it. Even the smallest token of your appreciation will be cherished by me. So please remember that it's not about the grandness of the gift, but rather the sentiment it represents.


To accommodate different budgets, My Amazon Wishlist offers a range of options from affordable choices to more luxurious ones. Additionally, being an avid reader, you might also find inspiration from My Book Wishlist.

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