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What I expect from you is, first of all, respect. 

Respect of my time and respect of my position and persona. So, before you contact Me try to have a rough idea of what you desire and when and where you wish to meet Me. Once you make contact with me, please go straight to the point, I DO NOT like to waste my valuable time.

When contacting Me, I expect and demand that you use common courtesy and good manners. Remember that I am a Mistress! It goes without saying, before coming to appear in front of Me, be sure to be very clean and tidy. Especially if we’ve planned some particular practice that involves your arse, or any other kind of invasive practices.

Before the session we will have a chat, to get to know each other better, and to allow you to tell me about your desires and expectations. But always remember that I am the Dominatrix, and the last decision on the session is up to me. Sometimes I can have a different will or idea to yours, or I may want to push your boundaries a little, until we reach an acceptable limit of course.


You must be 21 or over to visit a Pro Domme.

I accept appointments in advance. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS possible if I get information in the morning before 10 am.

I do not allow any form of drugs nor anyone under the influence of any drugs or alcohol - you will be asked to leave.

I expect you to take pride in your appearance. I have facilities at my chambers for you to shower/freshen up before or after your session.

It is paramount that you inform me of any past or present medical conditions in order that I can conduct our scenario in a safe manner.

You will be respectful, sincere, honest and reliable at all times.

If you cannot make your appointment or you are running late, I expect you to contact me and I would extend you the same courtesy. Please note, if you fail to keep your appointment and do not contact me then your details will be kept and you will not be considered for another session again. 

I will not offer double sessions where one of the individuals is not aware the session is happening.

A deposit will be required. The DEPOSIT is not refundable.



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