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Discover Mistress Evelyn's Kent Chambers, Equipment and Location

My Chambers are an intimate and relaxed play environment. It is fully equipped with all the bell and whistles imaginable. Heated and air-conditioned with a bathroom.

My Kent chambers provide the perfect setting to indulge in BDSM and Fetish-focused sessions.

There are too many devilish toys to list. 

Below is a small sample:

  • Full-size St Andrews’ Cross,

  • Cross Dressing outfits, wigs and make up

  • ’Queening’ stool

  • Golden rain/toilet chair

  • Floggers, paddles and canes

  • Medical equipment (urethral sounds and dilators)

  • Milking machine 

  • Bondage equipment

  • Chastity cages

  • Anal hook 

  • Strap-on different sizes from 5inch to XXXL

  • Leather body bag

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